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Residents are technically considered to be lot lease holders who own their home on Lubbock County WCID #1 property at Buffalo Springs Lake and have a closing lease agreement on file in the District Office.  (This does NOT include those who are leasing-purchasing.)  Partnerships are only considered valid with proof of legitimate “incorporated partnership” paperwork.



These passes are issued to lot lessees and their minor children ages 6 through 19, living at home.  A minor child turning 19 years of age during the current year will be issued a pass as a minor child, but for each year thereafter, must purchase an individual pass if he/she continues to reside at BSL.  If a lessee is single with no minor child, he/she may request an additional pass to be issued for a guest of his/her choice.  Those persons having dependent family members 65 years old and older who have resided at BSL for one year or over, may request in writing a pass for that individual.  The request must state their dependency and length of time they think they are going to be residing with them in the future.  All homes are to be considered single family dwellings, although the District has allowed partnerships to purchase a single family dwelling for what is to be considered weekend or vacation use.  Each partner providing legal partnership papers will be issued a resident pass only, all other family members of the partners must purchase passes.  It is the responsibility of the lessee to maintain control of such guest passes and to inform his guest of the District’s Rules and Regulations and to be responsible for his/her guest(s) while on District property.  Resident passes cannot be used by anyone other than the person whose name appears on the pass and can only be transferred by means of sale of the improvements and transfer of the lot lease.  At this time, new passes will be issued to the new lot lease holder.  Upon the transfer or sell of a lessee’s property, all passes issued to the lessee must be surrendered to the District Office prior to the completion of such transfer.




Windshield stickers are available to lot lease holders.  Renters are allowed windshield stickers after six (6) months, with a $20.00 deposit.  The purpose of the windshield sticker is for quick ingress through the gate and also allows the lot lessee,  his/her spouse, and renter the privilege of bringing house guests into Buffalo Springs Lake at no charge, provided the lost lessee or lot lessee’s spouse or renter is in the vehicle at the time of entry and has a valid gate pass in their possession.  Although the windshield sticker may be visible, it will be necessary from time to time to stop and show your gate pass, as a windshield sticker is only valid if the lessee has in his/her possession a valid gate pass with his/her name on it.  A sticker may be obtained from the District Office if a current vehicle registration or certificate of title is provided as proof of ownership.  Proof of insurance cannot be accepted as proof of ownership. The stickers are provided by the District at no charge for up to 3 vehicles registered in the lot lessee’s or renter’s name.  Additional stickers are available at a charge of $20.00 per sticker.  This charge is incurred on any new stickers (after 3) including those for replacement within that year.  Windshield stickers will be issued for one calendar year at a time. In the event a vehicle is sold, traded, or a windshield has to be replaced, it is the responsibility of the lessee to remove the sticker from the vehicle and return it to the District

Office.  Only when the sticker is returned, will the District furnish the lessee with a replacement sticker. A lot lessee driving a company vehicle may obtain a vehicle windshield sticker provided he/she owns the business the vehicle is registered to and has proof of ownership papers.  Partnerships having a lease will only be allowed one vehicle windshield sticker for each partner and must also be in his/her vehicle with a valid gate pass in his/her possession at the time of ingress.  They will also be allowed to bring house guests through the gate free of charge in their stickered vehicle.




The District has made available to lot lessees and renters (who have a signed sublease agreement on file) .50 cent coupons.  This coupon was designed for those lot lessees and renters who cannot, for some reason, bring their house guests through the gate in a stickered vehicle.  The .50 cent coupon can only be used for persons visiting the lot lessee at his/her residence and only allows gate access directly to and from that residence.  The .50 cent coupon does not allow the use of any of the District’s facilities. Only the lot lessee and his /her spouse or renter may purchase these coupons.  The lot lessee and renters may purchase up to 20 coupons per month.  Additional coupons may be purchased by giving a legitimate reason for the need for additional coupons to the General Manager of the District.  The District reserves the right to disallow the usage of .50 cent coupons if abuse of this privilege has been demonstrated.





The residents’ automatic gate key card may be obtained through the Buffalo Springs Lake Recreation and Improvement Association (B.S.L.R.I.A.) for a $85.00 donation.  The key card will remain the property of the Association.  Only two cards will be allowed per lot lessee.  The resident gate key was designed so that lot lessees could have quick ingress into Buffalo Springs Lake during busy times in order to avoid long lines.  No one other than the lot lessee or his/her spouse may have possession or use of the key card.  A current windshield sticker must be displayed on the vehicle that enters through the resident gate.  No renters or lease purchasers will be allowed to obtain a key card.  If a lot lessee sells his/her property or if it is determined he/she has no further use of the key card, it must be returned to the Association or District Office immediately.  Key cards are not transferable.  If a key card is lost or stolen, you must notify the Association immediately.  A replacement card may be obtained through the Association and the cost of such replacement will be based on the current cost of replacement at that time. Only passenger cars, pickup trucks and small vans will be allowed through the gate.  Boats, boat trailers, trailers of any kind, motor homes, or high vehicles of any kind will not be allowed through the resident gate.   The lot lessee or his/her spouse that the vehicle and the key card is registered to must be in the vehicle and have his/her gate pass in their possession at time of entry.  If all the above are in order, you may bring through the resident gate house guests only.  If your guest desires to use any of the District’s facilities, they must pay regular gate admission fees.  If you are observed in violation, the officials of the District may seize the key card.




Renters are considered to be persons who rent a home on LCWCID #1 property at Buffalo Springs Lake and have fulfilled proper procedure requirements with the District office.  This includes purchasing of passes, signing of a sublease agreement, etc.  The term “renter” includes those who are lease-purchasing until they become a qualified lot lease holder.


1.  INDIVIDUAL PASSES: $135.00These passes are valid from time of purchase until that date of the following year.  They can only be used by the person whose name is on the pass and cannot be transferred.  Persons 1 year of age and under are not required to have a pass.  


2.  FAMILY PASSES: $300.00


These passes are valid from time of purchase until that date of the following year, and are particularly good for all families includes two adults and four children living at home between the ages of 1 through 16 years old. Additional children can be added for an additional $25.00 per child. They too cannot be used by anyone other than the person whose name appears on the pass and cannot be transferred.  The family pass is sold to married and single parents with minor children only and guardians having legal guardianship of minor children.  



All lot lessees and renters are required to obtain a sticker for their water craft.  Proof of ownership (Texas Registration) is required.  Guest resident passes do not allow a water craft in at no charge unless it is has a BSL Sticker.  A paying customer may not bring in a stickered water craft at no charge.